Nicki DeMarco has never really understood personal Web sites that refer to the subject in the third person. She's going to take a shot at writing this about herself, for herself, without sounding too out of touch.

I'm a video editor, a journalist, and a lover of language, yellow tomatoes and pop culture.

I currently work as a video producer and editor at The Washington Post, where I work closely with the Features section to create original videos that complement our pop culture coverage. The Post’s Features section has a staff of nearly 100 journalists, which presents an incredibly wide variety of video opportunities. It’s a fast-paced section that requires the ability to produce a broad array of videos — from in-depth feature profiles, to thorough analysis of pop culture trends. It also presents the opportunity to create digital projects from the ground-up that includes collaborative efforts across departments, such as my digital deep-dive into the realism of New York apartments on TV shows from 1950 to present day. 

My roots at The Post run deep, from overseeing our video election coverage in 2014, as well as leading video production during several State of the Union addresses, party conventions, presidential speeches and debates. I have been a guest lecturer at George Washington University to discuss these experiences and the future of web video.

Prior to joining The Post, I graduated cum laude from American University, School of Communication, with a major in broadcast journalism and minor in international studies. 

I grew up in Rochester, N.Y., and currently reside in Washington, D.C. I have a fever dream of living in Sicily one day. Send me an e-mail at